September 09, 2003
This Month In Media


I have to get to Ameoba soon to reload on CDs as I have been voraciously consuming music of late.

With books too, I have been flying through. I need a library card.

As such, here are things I have listened to and liked very much:

The Band X: I always liked the song The New World, and was one of the people that liked much of the See How We Are album. In the last month, I found that Under The Big Black Sun is totally awesome. I also bought More Fun In The New World, and it too is good, though not as good as Sun. If you have even a shred of "like" for X, go out and get their album as The Knitters; an awesome country read of their song writing.

Billy Bragg: I have always kinda liked Billy Bragg, but being neither a communist or englishman, much of it never meant much to me. I would never present myself as a die-hard Billy fan, but I have been pulling out his old CDs of late, and (remember I said I wasn't a huge fan) I am loving Don't Try This At Home. This album went almost straight to the cut-out bin, but that was a mistake, it is one of his best. Tank Park Salute might be his best song, and Cindy Of A Thousand Lives is one that you can listen to on repeat for half a day. I also pulled out Worker's Playtime, and realized I like that one a lot too.

Mekons: The albums are never great end to end, but anything after the mid 80s has at least 3 or 4 gems on it...particularly the country-ish stuff. Sally Timms voice also does a lil' somthin' for me.

In the books category, a departure into fiction. While not pleasant per se, Hunger by Knut Hamsun was amazing. Not amazing, but a good quick read was Ham On Rye by Charles Bukowski. I know nothing about The Beats, so I picked this up. I thought On The Road was underwhelming, but I have come to like the Allen Ginsberg song Vomit Express, so I am trying again.)

Posted by rudayday at September 09, 2003 09:49 PM