May 14, 2012
Leg-Lifting On The Dock Of The Bay


No TV. No internet. FOR OVER A WEEK! Can you imagine...

I have gone long stretches with no TV before and I am pretty sure I could do it again. It is very tempting. What makes this tough is that I basically still don't have any of my stuff! I am reading quickly with all this down-time at The Ass Menagerie HQ, and I only brought 4 books. That was supposed to last me a long long time, but I bet I knock them off in a few weeks at this rate.

This is no crime - to read that is. I enjoy it actually. I am basically working and reading and sleeping. I have been pretty good at planning out the groceries so I don't need to do too much eating out or anything either. If all I am gonna do is microwave dinner, read, and sleep at my new place, I got WAY too much apartment.

Naturally, I one day need SOME furnishings. The dream would be to only pick up stuff I really like as I see it. I am very proud of myself that I have so far had all my needs met for the minimal furnishings I have without a visit to IKEA. I like Ligonberries as much as the next Swede, but I am very much fed up with disposable furniture. Dammit, no more IKEA for me! Maybe a throw rug or something, but nothing more. We'll see if I stick with it.

Basically I am just kinda treading water til I get back to Chicago to dispose of my life there. That will be coming in a few weeks. I need to decide if I wanna use a moving van, moving service, or throw everything out. Do I buy a car there and drive out what I want and toss the rest? These are all vexing problems, but they gotta be worked out somehow. I suppose worrying about it won't change anything, but not worrying enough is how I have ended up accumulating so much crap.

It doesn't pay to think for me. It doesn't pay to read my thinking to you. Sorry bout that!

Posted by rudayday at May 14, 2012 03:36 PM